Precision Packing


Our Precision Packing module consists of the well-known Smart-Weigh scales that has been in the industry for over 7 years with great success! It is purpose built to provide you with control over productivity by decreasing waste, preventing over-packing and measuring individual productivity.


Out Smart-Cut module links in with out Precision Harvesting module and can trace the weight of a products back to the GPS co-ordinate from where it was scanned as well as the harvester. This information has proven to be worth gold for producers that want to build harvesting yield maps and pay their wages based on weight.


With traceability becoming increasingly important, Smart-Weigh integrates with our existing modules to allow managers fully traceable punnets and boxes back to the station where it was weighed. Having this traceability keeps statistics accurate and keeps workers responsible for their output with great success.

More features

Measure all scale statistics in real-time from your central server

Send information to the cloud to access it from anywhere globally

Send pictures of packing material, bugs and diseases to scales

Send messages to scales from server

Measure waste accurately per product category

Wireless solution

All Stainless Steele hardware for food safety and reliability

No glass screens on product for additional food safety

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