from our satisfied clients

Our main priority is comfort to workers, that is the reason we research and develop solutions to make easier working in our company. Thanks to "ADAGIN TECHNOLOGIES" and "THE PICKING HARNESS"


Moyca, Spain,

I want to thank you for a brilliant product that have definitely transformed the way we pick table grapes. Productivity have increased and labor cost have reduced. We have calculated the payback period to be less than 1 season, so it is a brilliant investment and will ensure a more sustainable picking process for years to come.

Jandre’ Wessels, KVNB (Pty) Ltd.,

The Harness is lighter on our worker's body. It also improved our productivity. Finally, it had a positive impact on quality since the grapes are handled with more care.

Altus Kirsten, JD Kirsten (Pty) Ltd,
Managing Director