Picking Harness V.2

Adagin’s latest patented Picking Harness is an innovative product that is manufactured in South Africa specifically for the table grape industry. The product adds value to the farming industry by improving labour efficiency and reducing ever increasing labour cost.

Vs. Bending Over Method

In comparison to the harvesting method where workers bend over to put the grapes in the crate, harvesting is up to 30% faster and the grapes are not thrown into the crate which increases quality. The harnas is also ergonomically tested to reduce the strain on the labourer’s lower back. Click here to view our ergonomic assessment.

Vs. Assisting Method

In the case where two labourers fill one crate, it reduces the labour requirement by half, leading to large savings for the farmer every season.


The Picking Harness is user-friendly and easy to put on


The grapes can now be harvested more effectively and efficiently with Adagin’s picking harness.


Adagin’s picking harness consists of durable, high quality components:


The webbing is made from high tenacity dust-proof polyester which can resist long term strains. Its UV protection yarn guarantees a long life in the sun and outside working conditions. The stitched webbing has a tested breaking strength of just over 500kg.


The clamps are made from nylon which is a tough, durable UV protected material. This increases the overall lifespan of the harness.

The clamps are engineered not to tilt the crate over. This ensures that no grapes will fall on the ground while doing manual harvest.

Padding & Cross Fastener

The Padding is made from comfortable and durable materials which spreads the weight of the full crate over the shoulders.

The Cross Fastener allows for flexible movement. It has padding underneath which increases the comfort. It is also UV protected